Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Things I will miss...

I  have always been a baby person, love the infant smell and how cuddly they are but man I must admit that this stage with the twins is unbelievably fun.  We are definitely getting out of the toddler stage and entering the kid phase.  I think the best part is that the transition is slow so we are embracing every aspect and enjoying the last peaks of the baby phase.  The boys have been talking soo much for so long that it’s hard to remember them not talking.  They are talking about going to school and all their friends and sometimes it’s just refreshing to hear the baby words peak through for perhaps their last visits.  Things they say that I never want to forget about this stage:

As we pull into our parking spot for swimming lessons:
Mathew:  “Daddy why did you park on the lions?”
Me:  “The lions?  What are you talking about?” then look down to notice the snow has recently just melted and the yellow parking spot lines are showing
Me: “Oh you mean the lines?”
Jason: “Shh don’t correct’s so cute we will miss it”

Driving along one day:
Mathew: “Wow mommy this car sure has a lot of power’s”
Me:  “Pardon”
Mathew: “Our truck has a lot of power's because it sure goes fast”

Me driving Jason’s car which is standard:
Zachary:  “Mommy fast!”
Me:  “we are driving the speed limit”
Zachary:  “But mommy if you want to go super fast you need to hold onto that black stick..then we zoom off”
Me soo confused at this point....then I shifted gears.....
Zach:  “See I told you hold that stick and this car goes super fast.  That’s why daddy hold’s it all the time to zoom everywhere”
Hahaha I guess Jason must be shifting gears like a maniac with them in the car hahaha caught you!


  1. So sweet. I agree.. this age with Aubrey is really great too. The things they say are fantastic!

  2. So true, people rush their kids to grow up but it happens before you know it. I just try to cherish every moment. One minute you've got a babbling baby and the next minute you wake up and you have an almost 5 year old who is correcting YOU!