Thursday, March 17, 2011

Good Reads!

I am a bookworm.  Magazines, novels, parenting books just about anything I can get my hands.  I love to research and sometimes a thoughtless read is how I like to relax.  I read all types of books from history to romance and must admit I enjoy all genres.  I don’t often make book recommendations but always love the recommendations from others.  With that being said...I recently read a book while on vacation in Florida that I couldn’t help but tell everyone about.  The novel is called “The Room” by Emma Donoghue. 

It’s about a little boy who is born to a mother who has been abducted and kept hostage.  So this sounds so dreary and sad right???  Quite to the contrary.  Yes it was sad to see how these people were forced to live but it was amazing to see the world through the eyes of this 5 year old.  It makes us realize how much our children depend on our guidance, optimism and how much they watch and learn from us.  This mom did the best she could to protect and shield/shelter her child from pain.  It makes us realize just how closely our children are watching us and how much there is to learn in this world.  It made me think about when children express fear or apprehension about trying something new.  To a little child things in our big world can be quite overwhelming.  It makes me want to allow my kids to experience as much of the world as possible because there are things in this world that we take for granted that we really should be appreciating J
A side note.  This is the first book that I have read in a few years that I have just not been able to put down.  I literally read the entire book in less than 1.5 days.  I still have the book so if any friends want to borrow it you are more than welcome to it!
I work off lists.  With so many things going on in my life if I don’t write something down I often forget about it.  So this is why I am starting this year’s reading list.  Once a year I write down a list of all the books I would like to read throughout the year.  Having the list makes me keep on track and I seem to find more time to actually read when I have a list.  With this being said, I am looking for any suggestions of great reads of any type that you could recommend for this year. 

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