Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Perler Beads

So I have a love hate relationship with perler beads.

My older boys love perler beads.  For months now they have furiously been working on making tons of neat little patterns that they play with afterwards.  It is kind of neat because they will be playing Minecraft and building castles and such and they make a new or different sword so they just run and make it out of perler beads.  They have made some things for their friends and have even recently made a special gift for all their birthday party guests this weekend.

So this is my love part...  The boys enjoying hours together using their imagination and laughing together with friends.

Now for the hate part... If you thought Lego's were horrible to step on, you should try stepping on scattered little beads all over the house all of the time!

The container we bought came with 22,000 little beads in it. Yes 22,000!!!!  I am nervous that the entire container will spill so I make them put them in smaller containers to work out of because even the small containers, with several hundred in them, spill often.

What's worse than 5,000 perler beads spilling all over??

A two year old who is trying to clean up the beads and swishing them all over the place in the process.

On a side note, we may have the cleanest floor around because I have vacuumed those beads up 3 times already today!