Sunday, October 21, 2012

Beaver Camp

The boys have been having a great time at beaver's lately.  This weekend Jason and the boys set out for their first adventure together at Beaver Camp.  That's right....the boys are old enough to go to the Scouting camps now.  Jason is one of the leader's so of course he went.  All parents were invited but being 7 months pregnant I opted to stay home hahahaha.  The were so excited to set out....

and were even more excited to tell me all about it when they came home.  They were only gone one night...approximately 24 hours but they had an absolutely great time.  They played tons of games, hiked, made crafts and overall had a really fantastic time.  It's great to see the excitement about these types of events in your children's stories.  They even earned a badge that I will sew on their blankets next weekend!  Congrats boys on your first official Scouting camp.....and I'm so proud that Jason is the type of dad that likes to be there to participate with them! 

Friday, October 12, 2012

Our home...

If you come to our house you may need to occassionally step over may have to move the kids books off the chairs......there is always a lot of activity!  Some days you remember how easy it was to keep your house tidy before kids.....and yet our house is more of a home then it has ever been!  When you see little decorations around the house that were made by four precious tiny hands you realize that this house is now decorated with love by all four of us!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Mini Turkey's

On Saturday we hosted a turkey dinner at our house for my family.  Every year we celebrate my mom's (beginning of Oct) and the twins birthday's on thanksgiving.  The meal that we made turned out fantastic and I have to say that the little desserts that were turkey cupcakes looked so cute....were easy to make and added the special little touch to the thanksgiving meal!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A new development

After a scenic drive on Sunday we decided to stop at the green store to get some fudge.  The green store is a local store that has all the cutest nick knacks and accessories in the world that are just know the type of can just picture all the stuff in your house.....then you have kids and realize that in those store the aisles are way to close....there are a billion breakable things at arm height.....and your anxiety builds just thinking of bringing the kids in.  I can honestly say that I was worried heading in with the boys again especially since they were a little rambunctious on the way in but it was the first time every that I had to give very little reminders that we don't touch the stuff......they actually watched where they were going......talked about the things they liked instead of trying to touch them....and my anxiety level hardly rose.  Jason and I got to the truck and actually laughed about how much easier that had been then in the past and how it was actually enjoyable.....and then we laughed even harder because we said in a few short months with the new baby arriving we won't want to go in stores like that for awhile again hahahaha.  Oie!

They had great displays outdoors as well though!

Friday, October 5, 2012


The boys recently joined Beavers.  There was one little boy who was kinda crazy but he has been away for a few weeks so it has been going fantastic.  They are starting to plan their apple selling day as well as their first Beaver's camp out.  The boys love outdoor stuff and learning about new things so we thought Beaver's would be a good fit for them.  Jason did Scouting when he was little and I did guiding and we both loved it.  After a few of their meetings I realize just how much fun we had doing that stuff when we were young.  They are learning all the sayings and songs.  You also forget how much fun it is to celebrate things like "International Pudding Day".  The entire group had a fantastic time making pudding in ziplock bags and then enjoy the snack of course.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Taking a minute to enjoy!

Oh I foresee a day not so long from now when we will look back and miss the days that you guys still rode in car seats and talked endlessly about dinosaurs!  For now we will treasure every precious conversation!

Monday, October 1, 2012


The boys love making forts all over the house lately.  They started making them in between the couches downstairs and then Jason helped them build a huge one that is still up in a third of the basement hahaha.  Recently they realized that the quickest place to make a fort is in their bunk beds.  There have been many evenings in the past month that you can hear giggles and laughing coming from their bedroom while they make a fort while I make dinner.  They even like to hang their stuffed animals from the top rungs to make "decorations". 

It makes their room look soooo messy but the good thing is it cleans up in two minutes.  Yeah to good old fashion kid fun!