Saturday, January 24, 2015

Just like that ....our baby turned into a boy!

I know I am behind blogging on a million things.  To be 100% honest life got a little busy here to say the least :)  I'm going to do my best to get back at it because blogging is the best way I find to actually sit down and reflect/write about everyday life and be able to look back at all the great things we truly don't want to forget.

So there will be future posts about everything including the girls arrival but for now everyone is always asking me about little Joshie's hair.

The instant the girls arrived home Joshua went from the baby to the bumbling toddler.  His 26lb body seemed gigantic compared to the babies.  His diapers are bigger then their entire torso's hahaha. 

For almost two weeks we had 2 newborns and a 1 year old....eekk!  I always like to make any occasion special for the kids and with his birthday approaching we decided it was time to do a few special little things just for him.  As most of you know Joshua had pretty long super blonde hair that used to curl down his back.  As winter continues and the air continues to get drier here, the curls were starting to disappear. 

What better way to mark turning into an official 2 year old then to get a special outing to get your hair cut.  I know he has been a toddler for a long time but it's still crazy to not think of him as the baby! 

Grandma and Papa watched the other 4 kids while Jason and I took him for his first haircut.  The hair dresser couldn't get over his gorgeous hair and the amount of it that was on the floor was CRAZY!  This little boy does have super fine hair but man has he been blessed with TONNES of sure is thick! 

I couldn't help but shed a tear as our little baby turned into a big boy right before our eyes! 

Monday, November 17, 2014


Clearing out pictures off the phone tonight and came across this one from a few months ago.......ahh enjoying a slushie in Hawaii.  With the colder weather coming it sure makes me miss it!  Looking through pictures, some that are even just a few months old, you realize just how much older the kids look in such a short time!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Getting ready for the holiday season

Eeeek the holiday season is quickly approaching and even quicker it seems for parents who are expecting another set of twins around then hahaha!  Baby prep has started slowly but I have almost all of our Christmas shopping done. That's right, crazy I know, everything that is left can be bought from amazon if I have the babies early or end up in the hospital for any reason.  We will start our Christmas decorating in another two weeks or so and then we can officially start sitting back and enjoying the Christmas season.  This year we will be making a few things for each other for Christmas (all things that if we don't get them done it can wait until another holiday hahaha).  So last night Mathew and I sat down and started working on his gifts for his brothers and soon to be sisters.  This year he decided to make everyone a personalized towel.  A few weeks ago he and I decided exactly what material to get.  Joshua and I made the trip to Joanne's on 'sale' day and I scored exactly what he wanted.  Then he decided on the colours of towels that would best match the fabric.  We prewashed all the towels and material and ironed it about a week ago.  It was so cute to see him writing his lists of what we need to get for who and then working so hard on the products.  Yes I did help a lot but it is great to get to do a project with them while they learn things along the way.  He worked hard on measurements and learning how to add measurements together.  He also learned about a few simple sewing machine stitches and was in heaven controlling the "gas pedal".  Good work little guy, I am sure your siblings with love it!

On a side note Mommy may love it even more. With the new twins arriving that will make 5 little ones in the house. Laundry for 5 will be crazy especially when the oldest are 7.  They can help somewhat but most of the laundry is still left up to mommy.  Clothes we have a system but towels are out of control!  With all the baths, showers and just hand towels they add up.  Towels get left on the floor, in the wrong bathrooms, no one can remember which ones they used etc...  So now each of the kids will have their own customized towel so I am hoping they can reuse (within reason) and cut down on all the abandoned towels around the house.  One of my first steps to try and expedite my laundry pile; let's hope it works :)


Sunday, November 2, 2014

A string of Ghosts

I have to admit it, I might be addicted to things on pinterest.  In my defense, I am a mommy who loves to do fun activities and crafts with the kids so pinterest just makes it super easy sometimes.  Back in August I was browsing some fall activities to do with the kids and came across milk jug jack o' lanterns.  You need tonnes of gallon milk jugs to do this activity. With three kids we go through a gallon of milk at least every two days so we started saving in September and had many extras we didn't use! 

Jason and the boys drew the faces on all the jugs with permanent marker while I kept josh away from the table as there were permanent markers out hahahaha.  It took them about an hour to draw and color in all the faces but they had a great time doing it.

The original directions called for tealights or glow sticks to go inside.  I couldn't fathom me being home alone with tealights in all those lanterns and the wind picking up and blowing them and me then chasing half melted milk jugs so we tried glow sticks but it didn't give the look we were going for.  We were going to go with battery powered tealights but decided a white strand of Christmas lights would give the exact look we wanted.  Jason cut wholes in both sides of the milk jugs and him and Zachary threaded the strand of Christmas lights though. 

In the daylight it looked ok.....but once it started to get dark it was perfect!

I love when something so little turns out to be so much fun to make and actually works!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Hockey Season

Annnnd so it begins.  Hockey season officially kicked off for us last month.  Of course the boys have been having a fantastic time!  They have been excited each week about going so it's nice to see them thrilled to get back out on the ice.  The arena that is super close to our house is undergoing renovations for another 2 months so we need to drive to the arena that is 30-40 minutes away (depending on route GPS takes you on and weather hahaha) so extra early.  We had a brief parents meeting during their first practice.  They were just laying out how the different levels will work, practices games etc.  When you sign them up, you commit to 2 practices a week but it is crazy when they compile the numbers for the entire season together...... so they said the boys will have between 50-60 practices this year plus any ice time they can try and pick up for the team, plus games, plus tournaments etc.  When you lay it all out like that, seems like a big commitment. Oh well they love it.  Jason was as excited as they were I think.  He really likes that their sports are actually starting to become competitive instead of learning the basic skills.  I better start looking for a nice seat cushion to enjoy my sitting time at the rink. I foresee many many hours in the next decade being rink side!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Stepping Up

On my night stand you can find books of all sorts.  They are the ones I am currently reading or will be reading next.  There's always an assortment of books for fun, parenting books, education books etc.  I came in my room today to find Joshua trying to catch up on some light reading......oh the irony....perhaps he knows he will need to step up soon and start pulling his own share in the house :)

Note the book title.....I guess he figures he might as well read it himself and cut me out as the middle man hahaha.... by the looks of the next picture it must be working.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Lego Extravaganza

Ugghhh... Lego's Lego's everywhere.  I love that the boys love Lego but man are those pieces small and always in the weirdest places.  We have been working on storage solutions for their Lego's.  We have come up with an ikea shelf that has individual drawers for different types of Lego sets ie Super Heroes, Star Wars etc.  Also a few months ago, we installed shelves in Mathew's room so that the boys can keep their pre-assembled sets together. The one's that they like to take down to play with but don't want to break.  We still use the lego table that their pepere bought them a few birthday's ago.  It has compartments underneath that store lot's of the random Lego pieces......

and ...and ....and 

the project the boys have been working on with Jason lately; the Lego man storage.  We turned this little project into a learning activity for them again.  They worked with Jason drawing out the plans for the shelf, compiling lists of supplies, purchasing the supplies and then cutting and assembling the actual Lego man storage.  This weekend it was finally hung up on the wall for the boys to sit in awe and just talk and discuss all the different Lego men.  Who knew there were so many different types hahaha.  Mathew, who loves organization, loves to just sit and reorganize the order the little Lego dudes stand order by genre, power etc. 

Oh boys and their Lego's.