Sunday, November 1, 2015


Well another Halloween has come and gone.  I have to say I enjoy every year even more then the year before.  This was the first year that we had five little ones to participate in the festivities with.  Two new pairs of eyes watched as we took in all the fun and excitement of the holiday.  This was also the first year that Joshua really participated in the activities.  Prior to this, he helped out but didn't really know what was happening.  This year he was all about the season.  From scooping out the pumpkin, to eating candies, to participating in some games at the school carnival etc.


I love how as we experience each holiday, I have more and more sweet memories to keep in my memory bank.  I love having the memories of giggles and laughter and family fun that will stay with me forever even after we don't have any more 'littles' to experience a "first" Halloween with.

 Emma Happy to be the Candy Inspector!

At the school carnival there was an area where they took the kids pictures together.  Melt my heart when I opened up their backpacks this week to find these prints in their bag.

We changed it up this year and decided to make some floating witch hats for the front porch.  They were crazy easy to make and all the kids loved them.  You just attach fishing line from the roof through the hat to a glow stick that then hangs in the hat and lights them up at night.  Jason strategically hung them at different heights so all the kids who were harry potter fans laughed so hard as they tried to fit the hat that was the right height for them.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Perler Beads

So I have a love hate relationship with perler beads.

My older boys love perler beads.  For months now they have furiously been working on making tons of neat little patterns that they play with afterwards.  It is kind of neat because they will be playing Minecraft and building castles and such and they make a new or different sword so they just run and make it out of perler beads.  They have made some things for their friends and have even recently made a special gift for all their birthday party guests this weekend.

So this is my love part...  The boys enjoying hours together using their imagination and laughing together with friends.

Now for the hate part... If you thought Lego's were horrible to step on, you should try stepping on scattered little beads all over the house all of the time!

The container we bought came with 22,000 little beads in it. Yes 22,000!!!!  I am nervous that the entire container will spill so I make them put them in smaller containers to work out of because even the small containers, with several hundred in them, spill often.

What's worse than 5,000 perler beads spilling all over??

A two year old who is trying to clean up the beads and swishing them all over the place in the process.

On a side note, we may have the cleanest floor around because I have vacuumed those beads up 3 times already today!

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Every once in awhile

Being a military family you get used to friends leaving and yet with new technology and social media like Facebook it is easy to keep in touch so it never actually seems like a farewell.

I have met some amazing people at this posting. Some friends that I would call my best friends and some people who have so positively affected my life here I will never forget them. Some are even such good friends that I would even consider them family.  When I was sick a few months ago with mastitis I had some amazing friends who really dropped everything and helped my family beyond anything I could have ever imagined.  Those friends have a special place in my heart and their generosity and kindness will never be forgotten!

Being a military family you get used to doing things for yourself, you get used to husbands being away and just being able to manage the household.

I always am particular about making sure that my children are not inconveniencing someone else or even bothering other people.  Again, being military I know I am capable of doing it on my own so sometimes it doesn't even cross my mind to ask for help.

My idea on this has changed recently because of a dear person that I have had the pleasure of calling a friend at this posting.  Before this point, people would always offer to come over for a visit or maybe coffee but I never wanted my kids to bother them or for them to feel like they had to but a sweet person has changed my thoughts on this.

She too is a military wife. Her three children are grown and gone now.  When she first offered to come see the babies I was a little scared because honestly 2 infants (5 children total) can be a lot even for the most kindhearted person.  I thought that someone from a quiet house that is not littered with toys might not enjoy the chaos of a busy home with kids and yet she caused me to pause and reexamine this thinking.

Over many coffees and baby holding moments we shared some of the best stories.  I loved hearing about her own experiences raising her children in the military.  Grace and kindness seems to emit from her.  We talked about the struggles of raising military children as well as the joys. She talked and guided me about ways to make relocation easier on the children and how sometimes you have to be their biggest advocate.  We talked about cultural adjustments and language barriers.  We talked about when it is important to step in as a mom and when it is sometimes helpful to watch vigilantly from the sidelines.  The love that she has for her children just permeates from her and even though they are grown she is their biggest supporter.  We laughed about funny things she did with her children when they were young and about the memories that were created along the many postings.

As she held my little girls I could see nothing but kindness and love on her face.  She cuddled them and talked to them and even read many stories to Josh. Despite not having had young children in many years, she really enjoyed being around my little ones.  This was really my AHA moment. It never really occurred to me to really look at this from another persons point of view.  One day, just how much will I miss all this baby time and how much I will appreciate someone inviting me over to cuddle their little ones!

This person who I may not have ever invited over because I was scared to inconvenience them has forever changed my life.  I will always be grateful for her help, appreciative of her friendship and humbled by her kindness.  I will think of her the first time I buy my girls tea cups and laugh when I have to polish the silverware.  I hope life continues to bring good things to her and her family because they certainly deserve it.  When my children are grown and gone I hope I look back at the whole experience with the same amount of love that she portrays regarding her children's youth and upbringing.

I will miss this person dearly but know she is just a Facebook message away.  Most of all I am proud to be able call her my friend!

I am so thankful for all the great friendships I have made along this crazy thing called life and I hope to one day make as big of an impact on someone else that this person made on me!

So as you go through your day, take a moment and stop to enjoy your coffee and the friends around you. You never know when these people could forever change you :)

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Security Increase

So I went to the coffee machine today and I guess I didn't get the memo that security has been increased at our house!

Now I am wondering... Is the Lego man guarding the coffee for me or protecting the coffee from me?

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Sneaking in a family hike

A typical evening is usually quite busy with activities such as sporting events and homework.  The last few weeks have been quite rainy and some of the gloomy fall days have started.  The daylight is starting to get shorter and the crispness in the morning air reminds us that winter is just around the corner.  On Monday evening however, clear skies and bright sun were calling us. We left the dirty dishes on the counter, forgot about all chores and things we had planned to do and went out together for a fantastic family hike.  It only took about 10 minutes to drive to the starting point and the hike itself was super easy for the kiddos.  We walked for about an hour total but loved running and playing in the leaves and enjoying the gorgeous views.


Look at the size of the leaves!!

Our goal is to cast normal life aside a few more times this season to create some great memories and enjoy the beautiful Alaskan fall!

For our Alaska friends with kids this is Thunderbird Falls. So close and such a nice easy family hike!

Emma found it so relaxing she couldn't even keep her eyes open!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Lazy Saturday

Our family likes to be busy, we like to be outside, we like to do activities and we enjoy going on adventures together.  With that being said, it's always fun to have a day here and there where we just laze around with nothing that needs to get done and nowhere we have to be.  This Saturday we did just that.  We spent time just hanging out and enjoying family time.  I had started decorating for fall last week so we worked on a family Pinterest craft (again I can't get over how much I love Pinterest).

It was the first time finger painting for the girls and we all had fun.


Our little fall forest has many trees and we love each one of them :)

(Side note:  I love how Jasper has to be involved in all the activities. I mean what dog doesn't like to watch finger painting right?!? )

This fun craft now sits on our mantle and makes me smile every time I see it.  As we gather as a family for all our meals we have a visual reminder of how we all support each other and stand together :)

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Cleaning Crew

My cleaning crew do not do the best job, they cannot reach high places, actually make more mess then they clean and yet they are so darn cute!

What you mean vacuuming doesn't look like this at your house?  Kinda reminds me of the rugrats show as they follow 6 inches behind me while I vacuum!