Friday, July 25, 2014

Mighty Mini

I love passing on cool things when I find for anyone who has a toddler or buys a toddler treats I came across these mini popsicles in the ice cream section.  They are crazy tiny like maybe 3 inches big but the perfect size for little hands and they are super slow melt.....which means still a little mess but way way less then with a regular popsicle and he get's to feel like one of the big kids with his own.  Going to look up on pinterest now for slow melt popsicles we can make at home...if anyone knows one please pass it on :)

Sunday, July 13, 2014

First 4th of July

I know this is late.....9 days late in fact but just getting to it.  This year was the first time we lived in the United States and got to celebrate Independence Day.  A great celebration for sure but I'm very confident that THIS 4th of July celebration is drastically different compared to the lower 48 (yes I have adapted to using the term lower 48 like the rest of the Alaskan's lol).  This year we attended the local festivities and went to the parade in downtown Anchorage.

I know all of you have attended festivals before so I won't bore you with the details.... that being said, let me point out a few things that gave us a no kidding double take! Maybe you will find this funny too.

Fireworks occurred on July 4 at 12:05 am....yes you go to the fireworks on the night of July 3rd .......this happens because it does not get dark here almost ever during the summer.....daylight is forever. Even after midnight, it's only twilight really but whatever.

At the fair, there was no bull riding....instead here they ride a mechanical salmon.

There is a reindeer who walks in the 4th of July parade....yes a real live reindeer who walks the entire route on a leash!

Our family really enjoyed partaking in a new celebration together.  Happy (belated) 4th, as they say, to everyone back home as well :)

Friday, July 11, 2014


We are now 14 weeks pregnant with another set of twins.  That's right....I was probably as shocked as everyone else when we found out.  For a few months we had been debating whether or not to have one more.  The older twins have each other and are closer then you could imagine. We thought one more close in age to Joshua would be a great idea.  While we vacationed in Hawaii, we realized that Jason and I together could totally handle one more to travel with.  We went in to our first appointment with the doctor and they performed a routine was the nurse practitioner performing the ultrasound.....she was super chatty before the test started but as soon as the ultrasound began, she was dead silent.  I was really worried and asked "Is everything alright?"  She replied "Ummm.....yes" in a not so convincing tone....silence again.....seemed like 20 minutes (probably 1 minute in reality) I asked "Is there one?".....she replied "ummm.....I don't think so".  At that moment I think I had a heart attack.  Jason was as cool as a cucumber this time around and meanwhile I panicked as she checked how many babies there actually were!  After another eternity she finally said "well it looks like another set of twins".  To my shock Jason answered "Twins....oh we can do twins no problem" while I was too shocked to even speak.  So I guess little Josh is going to become the epitamy of a middle child....a little singleton sandwiched between two sets of twins!  The new set of twins are actually due on Joshua's second birthday.  I'm sure they won't arrive on the due date as twins usually arrive early (our first set 3 weeks early), but it would be pretty cool to have 5 kids with only 2 birthdays!  So the thought of twins again has settled in and we have gotten used to the idea but I must admit that three kids under two is incredibly daunting! Ugghhh three kids in diapers hahahaha!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The little things

Sometimes, when you least expect it, a little kind gesture from a neighbor has a way of brightening your day.  We live next to an older couple.  The lady is confined to the house for health reasons and we see the man often when outside but don't have a chance to talk for long as we are usually coming or going etc.  This past weekend Jason was outside getting some water toys set up with the boys and the neighbor came around the fence to give the boys some flowers he had cut from his garden to give to their mom.  The boys were so happy and we put them in a glass on the counter to enjoy.  Every time I see them I think how a little act of kindness brightens our family's life each day when we see the flowers.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

The ice cream truck

Yesterday evening, right before dinner, Jason and I were sitting in the living room when we heard the familiar music of an ice cream truck!  The ice cream truck has not been by our house since we lived here so Jason rushed for his wallet and the twins and I ran down the road in our bare feet to catch up with it!  Who cares that it came at dinner time....we just pushed dinner later by an hour.....and the boys thought it was the coolest thing that we actually caught him.  Jason claims he hasn't saw me move that fast in a long time hahahaha. 

As the boys and I sat out on the back deck enjoying our ice treats, I couldn't help but remember living in Germany when the boys were little and we would meet the local ice cream man almost daily.  He  made home made ice cream and sold us a cone for 50 euro cents.....I know crazy, it only cost 50 cents and was delicious.  This ice cream truck was definitely not that quality but we had a great time and we sure hope he makes a trip by our house again soon!

Ahh love when the boys just get to enjoy the little things that make childhood so great!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Fettuccine ...oh my!

This past weekend Jason's step-dad and I decided to try and make homemade pasta.  Since neither one of us had ever done it before it was quite funny to watch.  Learning the technique to getting square sheets as you put it through the press took a little bit of time.  We were not sure what consistency the dough should be so it took a little while and experimenting with adding flour to find the right dough make up that would flatten the best.  There are only a few ingredients and it turned out to be easier then we expected.  The pasta was fantastic......everyone gobbled it up.  It's definitely something I foresee myself making often in the future.....especially with the cookbook that gives so many recipes for different types of pasta. 

The Christmas gift of pasta press and fettuccine cutter turned out to a lot of laughs and makes great pasta!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Salmon Fishing

I grew up fishing but yesterday was the first time that I have ever been salmon fishing.  We packed up the RV and headed down to the Russian River for the weekend in hopes of having some fun fishing.....and that we did.  The first day there were hardly any fish (we saw others catch them but we came out empty handed).  Father's Day morning was a completely different story though....there were literally thousands of them in the water.  We ended up with a total of 8 fish but laughed so hard in the morning trying to get them it was crazy!  I was in charge of the net.....for anyone who has never netted a salmon before it's a much harder job then you would think.  They move crazy fast so picture me running through the river (with Josh on my back) trying to net the fish who is trying desperately not to be netted hahaha.  The twins even hooked a few on their own and brought them in.  The salmon are crazy because not only do they fight if you catch them they fly out of the water sometimes too! I will definitely be buying chest waders before I go out again as your boots get extremely heavy once they fill up with water! 

I think we will head out again this week.....destination undetermined at this try our luck at it again.  Hopefully the next trips brings as many laughs as the first!