Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The Giant Bear

Yes we were at Costco last summer and they had giant bears for sale.  The kids loved it so we bought one.  Costco sells a bigger bear then him but this bear is big enough that he takes up more room then most people hahaha.  We bought it on a whim and thought ahhh the kids will play for it a big and then we will get rid of it.  To our surprise that thing is lied on, climbed on and played with daily.  We have found every single one of the kids climbing on him at some point.  He has held many jobs from protector of their pretend cave walls to giant who carried them from adventure to adventure but I think I have to say that I think he has recently been in my favorite job.  A few months ago he got moved to beside the bookshelf when the toy room was getting tidied up and since then he has held the job of big comfy place to rest and read a book.  So when I guess this giant bear proved me wrong.  I had saw him several times before and wondered what the heck anyone would even do with something like that and laughed about how much room he would take up.

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