Thursday, June 22, 2017

Colour Sorting

For special occasions I try to add to the mix one thing for each kid that I have personally made.  This Easter I made the girls a wooden colour sorter that I had first seen on a blog from another montessori mom.  It honestly was super easy and has been a hit with all of the kids.  (I even see the big boys over there setting it up sometimes while they are watching TV haha).  It's basically just a solid board with pin holders glue to it.  I decided to not paint the entire wooden clothespin to make it a little more tricky for the girls.  This would be great for identifying colours, sorting colours and you could actually create different hues of the same colour if you preferred.

Even with things being pretty busy on Easter morning and lot's of other new toys, chocolates and books, they were still really interested and played with it.  We then left it in our living room and they still choose to play with it often.

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