Sunday, November 1, 2015


Well another Halloween has come and gone.  I have to say I enjoy every year even more then the year before.  This was the first year that we had five little ones to participate in the festivities with.  Two new pairs of eyes watched as we took in all the fun and excitement of the holiday.  This was also the first year that Joshua really participated in the activities.  Prior to this, he helped out but didn't really know what was happening.  This year he was all about the season.  From scooping out the pumpkin, to eating candies, to participating in some games at the school carnival etc.


I love how as we experience each holiday, I have more and more sweet memories to keep in my memory bank.  I love having the memories of giggles and laughter and family fun that will stay with me forever even after we don't have any more 'littles' to experience a "first" Halloween with.

 Emma Happy to be the Candy Inspector!

At the school carnival there was an area where they took the kids pictures together.  Melt my heart when I opened up their backpacks this week to find these prints in their bag.

We changed it up this year and decided to make some floating witch hats for the front porch.  They were crazy easy to make and all the kids loved them.  You just attach fishing line from the roof through the hat to a glow stick that then hangs in the hat and lights them up at night.  Jason strategically hung them at different heights so all the kids who were harry potter fans laughed so hard as they tried to fit the hat that was the right height for them.