Saturday, January 24, 2015

Just like that ....our baby turned into a boy!

I know I am behind blogging on a million things.  To be 100% honest life got a little busy here to say the least :)  I'm going to do my best to get back at it because blogging is the best way I find to actually sit down and reflect/write about everyday life and be able to look back at all the great things we truly don't want to forget.

So there will be future posts about everything including the girls arrival but for now everyone is always asking me about little Joshie's hair.

The instant the girls arrived home Joshua went from the baby to the bumbling toddler.  His 26lb body seemed gigantic compared to the babies.  His diapers are bigger then their entire torso's hahaha. 

For almost two weeks we had 2 newborns and a 1 year old....eekk!  I always like to make any occasion special for the kids and with his birthday approaching we decided it was time to do a few special little things just for him.  As most of you know Joshua had pretty long super blonde hair that used to curl down his back.  As winter continues and the air continues to get drier here, the curls were starting to disappear. 

What better way to mark turning into an official 2 year old then to get a special outing to get your hair cut.  I know he has been a toddler for a long time but it's still crazy to not think of him as the baby! 

Grandma and Papa watched the other 4 kids while Jason and I took him for his first haircut.  The hair dresser couldn't get over his gorgeous hair and the amount of it that was on the floor was CRAZY!  This little boy does have super fine hair but man has he been blessed with TONNES of sure is thick! 

I couldn't help but shed a tear as our little baby turned into a big boy right before our eyes!