Wednesday, February 26, 2014


As I have written about many times before, the twins have loved playing with trains for almost 5 years now.  I was cooking dinner and I heard Zachary singing and when I looked over to see what he was doing he and Joshua were playing trains on the floor together.  Mathew joined in shortly after and it was so nice to see them just enjoying the trains together.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014


I am usually quite punctual...there is the exceptional time I run behind but I would say 99% of the time I am either on time or early.  At least this way my friends know that if I am late something legitimate came up hahaha.  I was going over to a friends one evening last week and to my surprise there was a moose at the neighbors house hahaha I never thought I would have to tell someone that I am running late because there is a moose on the street. 

Oh and as a side note....that is a full height chain link fence.....that the moose just STEPPED over!  It's tummy cleared the regular height chain link fence hahahaha

Thursday, February 20, 2014

A little something

I had a great morning of play dates and little Joshie is down for a nap.  I went into Mathew's bedroom to tidy up a bit and found this on the floor with the pencil off to the side.  Melt my heart....he is the sweetest little guy.  I love how the three boys love each other so much!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Why I love baby proofing!

Having just one baby is not near as hectic as it was with the twins and yet we still chose to baby proof our family room.....and this is the reason why.....
I got to enjoy a play date today....we all got to actually to mom's and not have to chase these little ones everywhere or worry about what they were getting into. They were so cute....actually enjoyed each other's company and it was great just watching them try out all the toys together.

And's Joshua hanging with all girls hahaha.  They aren't smiling but hey we got all four to not move long enough for a picture!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Book Injury

I never thought I would say this but books actually hurt Joshua yesterday!!  He loves, loves, loves books right now.  He carries them everywhere he goes.  Yesterday he was picking books off the shelf and walking around as he normally does but he tripped and fell and his head banged the book.  He still reads the board books so there was no give at all in the pages.....and the book actually caused the cut on his head.  Who would have thought with all his climbing on windows etc that he would hurt himself with a book. 

Every night I read Joshua books on his rocking chair before putting him to bed.  I was putting laundry away in Josh's room before reading tonight and Mathew wanted to jump up on the rocking chair and read him a little book.  So bonding time!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Little Joshua

Joshua turned one less then a month ago and it seems like he has changed sooo soo much in the last few weeks.  He's walking all over the place...losing the toddle already :(  Sitting and doing little 3 piece puzzles on his own.....looking at tonnes of books....actually understanding when you talk to him and trying to talk all the time.  He just went through a growth spurt and he is starting to look like a little boy.  Ok little guy....just because you are one doesn't mean you have to grow up so quick!

Can't help but enjoy a morning coffee with this little guy at my side!

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Dear Tooth Fairy...let me explain

So the title "dear tooth fairy...let me explain" is actually how a letter started that Zachary wrote and left in the tooth fairy pillow last night. 

The boys were out playing on the swing set with the little girl who lives behind us.  They had been having a great time and playing for a good 45 minutes when I peaked out the window at them....and Zachary was crawling around on his hands and knees....didn't really think anything of it until I looked out two minutes later and the little girl and Mathew were both crawling around as well.  Mathew came running in to tell me that they needed my help.  Confused I put the baby in the playpen in front of the patio door....slipped on my boots and grabbed my jacket.  When I got outside I saw some blood on the snow by the swing set....oh oh what happened??

Well apparently all three kids were swinging and Zachary was wiggling his tooth with his tongue....and it fell out.  He got over excited....started to panic a bit....and slowed himself down....but realized his tooth had flown out mid swing.  So his itty bitty tooth was somewhere the bed of white snow.  Geesh.  So all three kids had been walking around looking for it (aka stomping all over the snow where the tooth is somewhere located).  So I got down on my hands and knees and started luck.

Zach started crying because the tooth fairy wouldn't bring any money if he doesn't have his Mathew decided they should just write her a letter....explain the situation....see what happens.  They ran in....crafted a letter and put it in the tooth fairy pillow.  There were shouts of joy this morning when Zachary discovered the money.

So the boys aren't sure if the tooth fairy went out to find the tooth or not.....they said they are checking in the spring...and if they find the tooth they will get more money when they put it in the pillow.  Oie!!

Thursday, February 6, 2014


I was organizing some shoes in the front closet today and when I looked over I noticed Jason's and Joshua's shoes were sitting on the floor side by side.  It made me realize just how big of a difference in size their shoes are.  Sometimes I think Joshua is growing so fast and it takes a moment like this to realize just how small he still is and just how much bigger he is going to grow.  Don't grow too fast little Joshua...there are a lot of shoe sizes in between :)

Monday, February 3, 2014

Stepping out of the comfort zone

Sometimes it's so easy to get into a routine and just stick with it.  Everyone knows what is coming, everyone knows what to expect and in general it makes life a little easier.  Well this year I have decided that our family is going to step out of our comfort zone.  Each week, we are going to try at least one new can be a big thing like an experience we have never had before or it can be trying a food, meal, craft etc that we have not done before.  The boys and I have been searching pinterest and pinning new things that are on our to do list. 

Something new we tried last week was breakfast in a mason jar.  I will admit that we often get stuck in the rut of cereal or oatmeal for breakfast.  The boys never complain and usually I am so busy getting lunches and everything else ready that it's just easy.  On the weekends we have a bigger more fun breakfast but during the week it's the two choices.  Well this week the boys and I decided to try something new and that's where breakfast in a mason jar came in. 
It's quite easy and are now a favorite!

You just add a few tablespoons of oatmeal to the bottom of the mason jar, cover it with milk, add yogurt until the jar is half full and then we put fresh fruit cut up on top.  We have been adding flax seed in it as well.  You just put it in the fridge and let it sit overnight and it's ready to go when we are in the morning.  We leave a little room at the top so we just shake it in the morning to mix it all up.

The only issue we had with our first round was we used greek yogurt but the overall mixture has a bitter taste to it.  We tried adding a little sugar, chocolate and even honey to future tries but we couldn't get the bitterness of the taste out so we switched to regular yogurt and the boys are CRAZY about it and ask for it often.  The baby loves it too so now I either have to make an extra or share mine hahaha