Monday, March 12, 2012

Radio Flyer

Anyone who has ever been to our house knows that we have sooo many toys.  We purchase the boys tonnes of toys; they get tonnes for occasions since there are two and our families’ likes to spoil them.  With that being said I hate cheap toys.  I hate when things break so I do tonnes of research to make sure we get good sturdy toys that will last at least through the twins.  One of our favourite brands would have to be Radio Flyer.  It is a tad pricey but not crazy and everything we have ever gotten has stood up fantastic.  The boys had the tricycle bikes with the handles which I loved because then I could grab the handles whenever a car came by to make sure no one got on the road on me.  We have the radio flyer big wheels that I have posted about before.  We have the scooters that will still be a hit and make an appearance for the third summer with the boys.  Two Christmas’s ago the boys received the radio flyer horse named blaze as a Christmas gift.  It’s a spring horse that makes different sounds dependent on how quickly you jump on him.  He also has a pretend carrot that you put in front of his mouth to make pretend eating noises.  The boys love him and ride him often.   This is why I was disappointed when his hair started to come undone about a month ago.  Last week it completely fell off….ahhhh!!  The boys were devastated…so I called Radio Flyer to inquire if I could by new hair or if there was a way to reattach it.  Their customer service was absolutely fantastic.  She was so apologetic and helpful and even offered to provide an entire new head for the horse for free.  That’s right not even any shipping or handling.  I was shocked!!  The new head arrived last night and the mail and the boys can’t wait to ride the horse again.  Wow Radio Flyer really impressed.  We will definitely be looking into more of your products!!