Monday, August 3, 2015

Rainy Day

Last week we had a few mornings that were kind of yucky....not a crazy amount of rain or anything just the sprinkling where everything is wet.....foggy dreary type mornings.  The kidlets and I made the best of the reading/play time inside.  This particular morning instead of our regular crafts we decided to make another pinterest activity.  Cotton ball race track!  Who could have guessed that a little tape on the floor, a straw and different puff balls could provide so much entertainment.

We tested out the different sizes of puff balls, the boys tried blowing on them in different places (right behind the puff ball, above it, close, far etc) to discover which methods were the quickest and which ones they had the most control with.  There was more learning involved then I had expected!

They finished it off with good old races hahaha!

Oh and I am quite aware that Zachary has an eagle costume on.......josh was dressed as Darth Vader but his costume was going to inhibit his ability so we had to remove it :)