Monday, January 31, 2011

Snow...Cold....and more snow :)

Well the weather is definately colder here then I remember.  Having moved away for a few years you forget just how cold it can get!  Now that the twins are three I find we can go outside a lot more but still on those really cold days it's just TOO COLD for them!  That's when weekends can get interesting.....being stuck in the house means finding more activities to do.  Lately I have been trying to incorporate more learning activities into our daily play.  Mathew does not have a very long attention span so I continually looking for activities that are quick, easy and that will grab his attention.  This saturday morning we made dinosaurs.  Dinosaurs are a huge hit in our house right......we have dinosaur names Zachasaurus, Matrex etc.  The craft was super easy and they have not stopped talking about it.  We cut cardboard from our cereal boxes, mommy used her superb drawing skills to make a stick looking dinosaur and we painted!  We painted the dinosaur, clothes pins to make the spikes for the dinosaur and then we cut out the dinosaur.  This activity was full of laughs, fun and plain old good times. 
We are always looking for fun crafts and activities to do on cold days.......and would love any suggestions