Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Streamer Obstacle Course

I wrote this post a few months ago but just got around to finishing it now.

The kids were off school one day and I finally got to doing an activity I had planned for awhile.  We had left over streamers from the kids birthday party and the kids use tape ALL THE TIME for crafts so we always have it on hand.  Literally you just use a hallway and set up a 'laser type' looking obstacle course with the streamers and the kids take turns going through avoiding the streamers.  I had made some easier paths for the younger ones and for the older ones we did different things like having to alternate under/over each streamer.  Tons of fun, lot's of laughs and our 10 year old dog even gave it a try.  Something we will definitely be doing again soon!

The kids enjoyed it so much that the boys both requested to try it again next week if we have a rainy day :)  

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