Sunday, October 21, 2012

Beaver Camp

The boys have been having a great time at beaver's lately.  This weekend Jason and the boys set out for their first adventure together at Beaver Camp.  That's right....the boys are old enough to go to the Scouting camps now.  Jason is one of the leader's so of course he went.  All parents were invited but being 7 months pregnant I opted to stay home hahahaha.  The were so excited to set out....

and were even more excited to tell me all about it when they came home.  They were only gone one night...approximately 24 hours but they had an absolutely great time.  They played tons of games, hiked, made crafts and overall had a really fantastic time.  It's great to see the excitement about these types of events in your children's stories.  They even earned a badge that I will sew on their blankets next weekend!  Congrats boys on your first official Scouting camp.....and I'm so proud that Jason is the type of dad that likes to be there to participate with them! 

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