Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A new development

After a scenic drive on Sunday we decided to stop at the green store to get some fudge.  The green store is a local store that has all the cutest nick knacks and accessories in the world that are just gorgeous....you know the type of store......you can just picture all the stuff in your house.....then you have kids and realize that in those store the aisles are way to close....there are a billion breakable things at arm height.....and your anxiety builds just thinking of bringing the kids in.  I can honestly say that I was worried heading in with the boys again especially since they were a little rambunctious on the way in but it was the first time every that I had to give very little reminders that we don't touch the stuff......they actually watched where they were going......talked about the things they liked instead of trying to touch them....and my anxiety level hardly rose.  Jason and I got to the truck and actually laughed about how much easier that had been then in the past and how it was actually enjoyable.....and then we laughed even harder because we said in a few short months with the new baby arriving we won't want to go in stores like that for awhile again hahahaha.  Oie!

They had great displays outdoors as well though!

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