Saturday, November 10, 2012

How can it be...

This week I am officially 32 weeks how can that be?  Didn't we just have the positive pregnancy test yesterday?  Oie!  Wow is this pregnancy ever different then the twin pregnancy.  Yes I still get tired.....yes I'm not super comfortable....yes I'm starting to have trouble with my shoes....but by goly I'm 32 weeks....all those problems arose at like 24 last time hahaha.  Perhaps because we are crazy busy with the twins still that this pregnancy seems soooo much quicker.  It's hard to believe that the twins were born at 37 this little guy could be coming to make his appearance soon!  I will say this little guy seems to be way more active in there....I remember feeling the boys all the time but man this guy sure is going to be a soccer player.....or perhaps we are doomed....the twins were such easy babies....happy....content....rarely cried....perhaps it's our turn to get a little crazy one :)

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