Monday, March 14, 2011

Taking a minute to just relax

Life has been crazy busy lately.  We arrived home from Florida two weeks ago, Jason was away for 5 days including last weekend and then I was crazy busy at work and prepping to teach chemistry.  When we had started planning to go away this past weekend we were all excited but as the weekend approached I realized just how much work I still had to do at home.  With that glad we went away this weekend.  It was great to just have family time.  We were able to enjoy each other’s company, there were little if any meltdowns and the kids had a fantastic time.  I know I’m not a huge fan of winter but thank goodness spring had not arrived before this weekend because we had way too much fun outside. 
The weekend started with a few hours of shopping where I scored some great deals (yeah always soo excited to find great deals on kids clothes....we go through enough! ).  All three boys (even Daddy) never complained once while’s a first.  We browsed the stores, everyone was in great moods and we were having a great time.  We stopped to visit Jason’s dad and Christine and again it was just a great visit....maybe a little too short but couldn’t have asked for better.  Mathew got so tiered he even just curled up on Christine and went to sleep.
Saturday and Sunday we spent at Jason’s Mom’s house.  The boys absolutely loved being there....they loved the outdoors and they loved seeing Grandmaman and Grandpapa.  My niece and sister-in-law came to visit and the twins had a great time just hanging out with their cousin.  Sometimes you forget how much fun kids can have just being outside. 

The boys have only been on skidoo’s once before this trip but wow they are obsessed!  They loved helping drive, riding with Daddy and Grandpapa and the squeals of joy as they rode in the sleigh behind the skidoo just makes me smile. 

The minute they got outside they ran to the skidoos and the site of them bouncing up and down pretending to drive will always bring a smile to my face.  The little memories of their childhood I hope I never forget :)

This was the first time that they actually learned how to ice fish.  They watched the holes being made, helped with the lines and learned how to bait the hooks.  It’s amazing how something so simple as ice fishing can teach them how hard work and patience can prove to be so much fun.  It was fun to see them running from line to line and calling for the “fishies” to hurry up and eat supper.  No fish were caught this time but you wouldn’t know it by the stories they tell.

Some of my inlaws friends were out on the ice too making Taffee.  You can't decribe just how yummy maple syrup on snow tastes :)  Glad the twins got to try it :)


 It’s nice to see them just being able to appreciate and enjoy the outdoors.  They just loved it! 

Daddy helped them build perhaps the world’s largest snowman.  Yes my husband is over 6 feet tall and that snowman is towering over him.  The site of watching him and my sister in law lift the second ball up still brings tears to my eyes from laughing.  Hahaha! 

Sometimes it’s important to remember to just let the kids enjoy what nature has given us, enjoy family and take a break to

 ......and well.....
                                 eat snow !

Hope you had a good weekend too !

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