Saturday, March 5, 2011

Bath Time

I was reading through another twin mom blog recently and realized how much things have changed with some of the daily duties for the twins.  (  Of course it’s way easier now for food preparation, they eat whatever we eat so no more pureeing, no more cutting things into itty bitty bites and way easier meal preparations now.  Getting dressed is debatable whether it’s easier or not, as when they were small they just did what we wanted and now I often have to hunt them down.  No more diapers for over a year now so of course that’s way easier.  Bathing….well is that easier now?  That’s a debate…..I will say at first bath time used to exhaust me.  When there were two adults it was fantastic.  We would tag team and one would bath one would dry and get the other one ready while the other while still bathing.  With Jason working late or being away it often left me alone and I used to get anxious and dread bath time…..

When they were tiny, tiny I would bath them in their little tub one at a time.  It was quite relaxing and a great way to spend one on one time with each of the kids, bathing, drying, creaming and dressing them. 

As they got older we got the bath seats.  I will say, those were a god send for parents of twins as you could now bath both in the tub by yourself without having to worry about one slipping under while you shampooed the other ones hair. 

As the babies became toddlers the drying/creaming process turned into a bigger chore then the bath part did.  I would lie both of them down side by side on mats and work as fast as I could praying that one didn’t squirm away on me again.  It was funny because you had to work fast enough to not let them get too cold or you would have two screaming babies to deal with. 

 The boys were very happy in their bath seats and I will admit that we kept them in those bath seats for as long as possible because it made bath time so much more enjoyable for me.  Then came then day…..sigh……when they got stuck in the bath seats! 

The used them until they were over two years old and then the tiny babies became toddlers and their legs were too long to get out.  Now what the heck were we supposed to do…..geeshh…..out of the seats they were right crazy!  

They learned to stop standing and as they got older then enjoyed the tub crayons and other older toys but I will admit that they get soo excited in there together.  Put one in and they play as quiet as can be talking to their boats, put both in and all of a sudden there’s water splashing everywhere and they are laughing their heads off.  The key is they are laughing…….and laying down to get their hair washed.  I know those first days in that itty bitty tub were soo much work but now as I often my clothes soaked beside…. I think….hmm maybe it was easier then ?? hahahaha

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