Friday, March 18, 2011

Library trips

The boys have always loved reading.  We have tonnes of books at our house and you can often find one or both of the boys in a corner reading one.  With that being said, wow our interest in reading has skyrocketed in the last month.  I’m not sure if it’s because they are actually starting to learn how to read (not full words, just the sounds each of the letters make) or if it’s because we just recently got the boys their own library cards.  We have been going every week or week and a half to the library where the boys are able to pick out any books that they want.  They soooo take after their mommy!  They get excited and quickly decide on what 10 books they want to take home with them.  They get to pick their own topics and we help them with the library catalogue to find the sections.  With this being mommy has never read so many dinosaur and dragon books in her life!  They just get so excited when they know we are going and can’t stop talking about what kind of books they will pick this time.  I was apprehensive at first because I will admit I am horrible about returning library books on time and yet with the boys we never even get close to the due date when they are bugging to go back and pick out new books.  It has been fantastic because they seem to be extra excited every night for their bedtime stories because they each get to pick a book from their library bag. 
We have specific bags that are designated "library bags" now and it seems to make the process a lot easier.  The books stay in the bag if we are not reading them :) 

This is a picture from in the boys room while they were sleeping last night.  Right beside their dresser their bags are full of their library books and ready to go!

So we are off to the library again today and just wondering if there any suggestions for books that we shouldn't miss?

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  1. Lisa V MoserMarch 30, 2011

    I know it's a little past your original post date, but I would sugguest How Dinosaures say Goodnight ... it's very fun!