Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Give credit, where credit is due!

I admit I am a mom who likes to do most things from scratch.  I made the twins their baby food when they were young, I loved our cloth diapers and we love to grow our own herbs and yet if there is a product out there that increases convenience without affecting the product I am happy to investigate and use it.  This is where I want to share something I have recently discovered!
I am an avid follower of the website “no time for flash cards” 
I use tonnes of their ideas and am grateful for all their help inspiring me for crafts and learning activities for the twins.  With this said, a lot of crafts for this age group still require a lot of prep work for me.  If it were up to the kids they would do crafts and activities all day long, it’s just sometimes I cannot find the time to prep them all.  Enter here the Christmas gift from my brother in law.  For Christmas the twins received a busy box by Alex. 
Of course it looked to have a million pieces so we didn’t open it during Christmas time and I had put it on the shelf in their playroom closet to be opened at a further time when we were looking for an activity.  I must admit I had not thought about it perhaps because I feared it would be tonnes of prep work for me and usually the crafts in that sort of boxes are in a thousand pieces that you have to sort through.  After pleas from Zach last weekend I opened it and wish we had sooner.  The box contains 16 individual crafts and (even a better selling feature for me) at least two of each type.  I’m not kidding; I can hardly believe it myself!  Can this be real? 16 crafts that are toddler friendly and  organized into groups!  Best of all, two of each so miy kids won't fight over them! Yippee!!
Here are some pictures of them making one of their projects J

When I say everything, I mean the box came with everything including these frames to put this one art project in!

And of course, what's an art project without the finished project :) 

We still do other crafts but hey, being able to grab an already made package out of the box sometimes sure makes this mommy happy J  Does anyone have any suggestions on how they make the prep for preschool crafts easier?


  1. Love the Alex brand craft kits, totally agree. The busy box sounds great...must go get one!

  2. Tammy, do you have any other's you would recommend?

  3. Ohh.. I think we NEED this! Thanks for the suggestion!