Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Matter of Perspective

My friends are often saying how they wish winter was over.  I must admit that I am not fond of the cold, the snow and shovelling.  Don’t get me wrong I love being outside and playing in the snow and participating in winter sports it’s just when you are trying to get things done (ie. Go to work or get groceries) I would much rather it be warm outside.  Just last week it started to warm up and I couldn’t help but smile thinking about all the activities we will be able to do outside this spring and summer.  This weekend the boys were talking about their trampoline and when would daddy put it back together, I answered in the spring when the snow is gone.  I then added won’t it be nice when the snow is gone and we can go outside and ride our bikes.  This is when little Zachary got scared looking and exclaimed “but mommy if the snow is gone how will we go sliding or catch snow flakes on our tongues”.  I couldn’t help but smile….I guess sometimes we just need to put things in perspective and see that you can find the good in any situation.  And besides…..if winter was done would we be able to do this?

And yes these videos are from this weekend.  That’s right in March!  The snow is supposed to be leaving hahaha  If you can’t beat them join them right!

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