Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The great stroller debate

Sometimes I wish I had a magic wand to be able to predict the future. One thing I wish I would have done before the twins were born was buy shares in a stroller company…..we have certainly purchased our fair share.  Strollers have been a lifesaver with two babies.  Without good strollers I would have been confined to the house…..let me tell you a twin mom never goes far without one.  Mom’s of singletons just pull the car seat out of the car and run into the grocery store…..not twin moms! Are you kidding me…..picture lugging the two infant car seats and the diaper bag and then trying to carry groceries…..hahaha.  And this is where the stroller saga began…..

When the twins were really young (less then 3 months) we used solely our graco duoglider.  It was perfect for that time frame because both car seats could easily clip in and off we would go. 

 I easily managed bringing the twins to any playgroup or outing on my own.  It was ideal for shopping as it is only as wide as a single stroller.  We used that one to manoeuvre through many airports and towns.  

With that being said, it became harder to push as the boys started to get a little bigger. And so comes big blue as we called it.

The Schwinn stroller was the best stroller for us.  The big wheels made it so easy to manoeuvre on all types of terrain…..
-          sand
-          rocks 
-      grass                               
-          beach

We used that stroller more then you could have imagined.  When I was off for almost the first two years, we used it at least daily and often 3-4 times a day.  It came apart easy and came everywhere with us.  There were many naps, laughs and fun that occurred in that stroller…..and then……the wheels were worn out. The tires, which have already been replaced are now having spoke issues and this is where the stroller debate starts.

Other strollers have made their appearances.
The twin umbrella.
The two single umbrellas for when I had two hands to help or wanted to go out on my own.
But non of these strollers have gotten worn out like big blue. 

The twins are now 3 and by next summer they will be almost 3.5 and yet the thought of no stroller makes me anxious.  How will I ever do all the stuff I do now with them. They will never be able to keep up for long walks, they won’t be able to nap if we are out places for the day……..ahhhhh  Jason laughs and says they aren’t babies, let them keep up.  This debate continued on our first day of Disney…..the thought of not bringing a stroller for the day was causing me great anxiety and yet Jason was certain they would be fine.  I insisted I did not like the plan but he convinced me that it was the first day, they would be super excited and it was a short day so they would surely be able to keep up.  Things started out great…..I couldn’t believe how close they stayed to us…they weren't running around like maniacs like I had anticipated…..maybe I underestimated the twins.  Hmm life could be different not lugging a big stroller around….and then nap time hit….ahhhh! 

Their little legs quickly became tiered and they wanted up all the time….ahhhh…..carrying a three year old is much more tiring then carrying little ones.  We had a fantastic day at the park but from three o’clock on the boys needed to be carried mostly….that was a really long 4 more hour’s hahaha.  With both our backs aching, Jason quickly piped up that we would be bringing the stroller the next day….and I even held back from saying I told you so J

And so this is where the story continues…..the double umbrella was great for at the park but we really need to start looking at a bigger easier to push stroller if the boys are going to need it for traveling this summer.  I don’t want to spend a tonne again as we will probably only need it another year but I want one that is sturdy and mostly easy to push with big wheels.  Any recommendations?

And to you "Big Blue" were one of the family!


  1. most family places that you can go to you can rent a stroller. I wouldn't buy a new one..

    Are you selling your old big blue? If so how much?


  2. I had a Graco duoglider too (my girls are 19 months apart) and I loved it and drove it into the ground. You might be able to find a good deal on a double jogging stroller second-hand otherwise.