Monday, February 28, 2011


All I can say is that we miss Disney already.  I can't stop thinking about all the fun times we had and how magical that place really was.  In future posts I will write in more detail about the actual trip but a quick browse of the photo's makes me quickly remember the fun and magic that was in the air but also makes me realize just how many firsts the boys had......

Let's start with the basic...of course it was the first time they say what they refer to as "the mickey mouse castle".  Yeah technically it's called the Cinderella castle but hey if calling it the mickey mouse castle makes the boys happy that's what we go with :)

It was the first time that the twins met their super heroes.....Mattie was so excited he was speechless.....and for anyone who knows Mathew, we know that doesn't happen often.

It was the first time the boys ever participated in hula lessons.....and as this picture shows...the first time they have ever participated in a race where you push a coconut with a broom.  (Not something we can do in the north often especially during the winter because we don't have palm trees and the 6 feet of snow would get in the way hahaha)

Not only did we realize that the boys would sit through an entire meal at a restaurant, we learned that they actually enjoy it now....yiipppeee more evenings out for dinner now :)  They ate everything that we were served everywhere and loved it!  Who would have known that the boys are more proficient at eating with chopsticks than mommy is :) 

It was their first time to use 3-D glasses.  Let me tell you perhaps I am totally out of the loop because I have not been to 3-D movies for quite some time but wow has Disney outdone themselves in this area.  During this particular big movie water squirts out at you, the bugs try to exterminate you with some type of smoke and they pretend to let bugs loose in the theater and there are things that feel like bugs moving along the back and bottom of your seat.  This is also a warning to anyone who is going to Disney....this one is quite scary hahahaha :)

The boys justly enjoyed each others company and often discussed the neat things they were seeing.   So nice to see them becoming even better and better friends :)
Overall it was just a great family trip!

Oh yeah and the last first.....the twins have always been fantastic sleepers....they sleep through loud noise....sleep in the other people's houses.....still to this day in the stroller.....but I will admit  that this is the first time one has ever been so exhausted that they curled up and slept through dinner on their chair in a restaurant hahaha

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  1. Awwww, so cute. It looks like they had a blast.