Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The little things

Yesterday a hectic day was nearing an end as I rushed to make it to the twins skating lessons.  My work day had been extremely busy as many mondays at work are but surprisingly enjoyable as well.  I was running a few minutes late and kept picturing two little dudes pacing back and fourth with daddy watching the clock for me to get there....but to my surprise they were out on the ice having a great time.  As I raced to tie up my skates I was worried they were going to be upset that I was not there when I promised.....but to my surprise they both skated over as fast as they could (which still is not that fast hahaha) to give me a big hug and to show me the activity.  The big smiles on their faces and excitement to see me should be a sign to us adults that these little wee guys are not thinking about holding grudges......and are able to just enjoy the moment.  Both boys earned another ribbon last night....they were able to skate backwards.  It was amazing to see an entire ice full of toddlers/preschoolers trying their hardest to wiggle their bums and learn a new skill.  As you watch you can't help but chuckle.  As they crossed the blue line their coaches brought them over a ribbon.  My work day had been filled with contracts, statistics, calculations, and preparations......it had been a great day for my coworkers and myself....and yet the looks of joy on all the little skaters faces by far surpassed any I had witnessed all day.  I guess the kids were teaching me lessons today instead of the other way around......sometimes the best moments come when you least expect them :)

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