Wednesday, February 2, 2011


The boys have been attending full time daycare since I returned to work right after their second birthday.  They love it there; they have so many friends, do so many fun things and rarely complain about going.  I drop them off every morning with a quick hug and kiss....a million waves and off I problem.  So as we welcomed 2011 our entire family started talking about the upcoming school year for the twins.  We started to watch some movies about what you do in school, talked about school buses and tried to start getting them ready.  They had their open house two weeks ago and the kids stayed downstairs while the parents went up to their information session.  Zach was truly in his element the moment he walked into the classroom....he ran to the letters and numbers on the wall and rubbed them in amazement.  It was the cutest thing ever....poor little book worm was in heaven.  Mattie, who is usually our outgoing one, surprised me when his bottom lip started to shake.  I quickly bent down told him about all the fun things he was going to be doing and told him to hang on to Zach’s hand until he felt that he wanted to play on his own.  Jason had to encourage me as I stood in the hall, there was no tears from the boys and we saw them quickly integrate with the other kids.....but that was the first time I really realized they were ready for school but mommy may be the one shedding tears in the fall.  It seems so odd, they go to daycare everyday and yet this seemed different.  After the session I rushed down to see them and they were both playing away happy as can be and it was nice to see that they will do fine.  The teacher commented on how well behaved they were and how much they helped.  I swear Zach’s favourite part of the night was the never-ending snacks they provided.  Mathew said he used the potty there but he was too little to reach the soap so he had to ask a big boy who was 4 to help him (hahaha sometimes I have to try and reflect on how they see the world and how they think a 4 year old is “big”).    I’m glad they had a good’s hoping Mathew has a growth spurt and grows out of his 18month or 24 month pants before school starts! 

The groundhog early spring....hip hip hooray!  Here’s hoping that those groundhogs are right! 

Winter I must admit we have had some good times this year.....but an early spring....bikes back out.....and an entire new set of adventures....Bring it on!!


  1. Which school are they going to?
    I took Ethan over to the school he'll be going to in the fall this week too, it was hard to pry him out of the classrooms we visited, and then out the front door. Where did the little babies go?

  2. They are going to be going to St Luke's. The old St Joe's and Sacred Heart joined and became St Luke's. The new beautiful school will be opening this fall. They loved the class and loved that the teachers talked french like at daycare they said :)

  3. It hard to believe that they are going to be going to school in the fall. They time sure does go fast. We miss you all but it is nice to see them grow even if its through pictures. They are truly precious.