Friday, February 4, 2011

Spare time....

I know this is the last thing that most of my friends would have thought I use as a title.....spare time....I'm actually quite a busy person....and yet lately I seem to have more spare time.  Until the twins were about 2.5 I rarely had any time to do anything other then look after them....and yet lately as they are getting older I seem to be having more time where they don't need me.  In the last few months I have been finding extra hobbies to take up to be able to do "me" stuff in that time.  I took a photography course, which I loved and yet it happened to be the same night as the twins skating lessons many weeks I was soo tiered before I even got to the night class.  I purchased a gym membership....again love it and love after I go but many days after a long work day, rushing to get the kids and having supper I just want to hang out at home.  More time to spend with the kids right......and yet they seem to want to play just the two of them more and more.  They still get into squabbles so I am always in the family room with them so I have had more time to browse blogs and do what I want.  Browsing several blogs I became inspired to attempt to try and make a quilt.  I needed something that could easily be interrupted and could be put away if I just didn't have the time.  I was inspired by and thought this would be the perfect project......short little jobs that do not require a huge of concentration.....and best of all.....can be interrupted.  Perfect!  I continued to read through more blogs and found  it was the perfect thing for me to start with......She even goes into detail with tutorials that tell you to do each step of the way!  Perfect. 

 And soo in the spirit of upcoming spring.....(and the fact that I must be realistic and will never have this done before spring anyways)  I chose this super "happy" looking fabric and I am starting a quilt :) 

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  1. I love the fabrics you've chosen! Keep us updated on your progress! :)