Monday, April 4, 2011


This last week has just   flown by!  Finally a minute to sit down and reflect on all the great things we did last week.  The main thing.....MY 30th BIRTHDAY!!  Yeap that’s right I entered my thirties less than a week ago and I can’t believe all the fun I had.  Yes we celebrate adult birthdays but it’s usually a low key affair but wow this year I was spoiled rotten.  Two days before my birthday a group of great family and friends threw me a surprise birthday party. How the heck did they pull it off, I have no clue because I had NO IDEA.  We showed up at a friend’s house to drop off some paperwork on our way out to dinner and SURPRISE!!   There were sooo many laughs and it was just the best adult company time I have had in a long time!  The next day we had a family birthday at my parents where I was spoiled with a second cake and more presents.  My coworkers gave me another cake and more festivities.  I know there are pro’s and con’s to social media and social networking but man it was sure nice to get so many birthday wishes from blog friends and facebook friends.  I know everyone says that your thirties is supposed to be even better than your 20’s but man I have trouble believing that.  As I reflect on my 20’s I can’t help but think about university, marriage, moving to Europe, traveling throughout Europe, having twins, buying a house etc.....just don’t know how I will top it.  I don’t ever back down from a challenge so I guess I am going to challenge myself to find ways to make my 30’s even more memorable!  Better start planning !
On a side note...the twins think it's the best thing ever because now we all have a 3 in our age.  Oh the things that amuse them!

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