Monday, April 18, 2011

A snipet in time

This is just a quick snipet in time that I don't want to forget.  A few weeks ago I wrote a post about things the boys say that show's they are really growing into kids. Something that ties closely with that is viewing the world through their innocent child eyes.  Jason and I got a quick glimpse at the world as it occurs in Zachary's mind on the weekend at the pet store.

We were out buying some more fish for our acquarium and as we always do we were talking about all the other animals there.  We went to see the cats and we're convinced he wanted to come with us because he kept meowing and putting his paw up towards us.  Of course we didn't bring him home because I don't think our cat Mia would be very impressed at all.

We then went to look at the turtle.  He is always in the pond at the front of the store and Zach runs to make sure he is there every time we go.

Then we watched a dog get a hair cut before proceeding to the tiny tiny bunny rabbit.  He was the cutest thing ever and the twins and I sat for a long time just watching him.  We were talking about how he was just a baby and commenting on how cute it was when he hoped because he was just learning how.  That's when Zach leaned his little face right up to the side of the cage where the bunny was and said "Don't worry baby bunny, one day you will grown up to be a big Easter bunny and you can bring chocolates to everyone's houses and have so much fun!" 

Ahh the innocence of a three year old brought huge smiles to our faces and it's a little snippet to keep in our back pocket to remember this time.

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