Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Easter Prep

Easter is slowly sneaking up on us.  It has been spring for a few weeks now but it still feels like winter around here.  This past Sunday was a beautiful day, we enjoyed some nice walks outside and we really started to get into the “spring” spirit.  We decorated our patio door with our easter stickers.  For anyone who has small kids we buy the stickers that go on the windows from the dollar store or walmart and the kids have a blast helping us get ready for every occasion.  They love sticking them on and we talk about the upcoming special day while we do it.  It’s a great, cheap, easy way to have the kids learn about the different holidays.  This Sunday we also decorated our easter gingerbread house.  I know you think I’m crazy when I say that, I had never heard of a an easter gingerbread house before either.  We were out shopping last week and saw the kit and the kid’s went crazy. 

Who doesn’t love a making a gingerbread house......

                            lot’s of icing.......

you have to taste test the candies of course......

                             and at the end it makes a cute little decoration J 

Our little gingerbread house has a Mattie bunny on the left, a Zackie bunny on the right, a daddy bunny above the door......and well the mommy bunny was involved with the taste test :)


  1. My daughter is grown now, but she LOVED making gingerbread houses! We never thought of making an Easter gingerbread house - so cute! :) I found you through No Time for Flash Cards! Deb @ LivingMontessoriNow.com