Wednesday, April 20, 2011

When something is good….share it with friends

This week has been absolutely flying by.  Not sure how life is getting so busy right now but we are trying our hardest to make extra effort to enjoy the little moments so they don’t pass us by.  For the past few months we have been discussing friends with the boys and how important it is to be nice to our friends.  We have been talking about how they can be a good friend (not pushing, being nice, sharing etc).

Monday night after gymnastics the boys had the idea that we should decorate cupcakes to bring to their friends.  It had been a long day, mommy was starting to get tiered but I thought this was really their way of showing their friends that they cared.  So while daddy was at work the three of us set out to make cupcakes.  Am I ever glad we did….it was definitely a memory worthy evening. 
They were so interested, listened so well and the whole activity was just fun for all of us.  The best part was when they insisted on bringing a few cupcakes to our friends in the neighbourhood.  It was nice to see them get so excited about giving to others. 
Before bed that night we packed up a container full of cupcakes to take to their daycare friends.  They insisted we go through all the names at least three or four times to make sure each friend was going to get the perfect cupcake. 

What a great memory, showing their friends just how much they mean to them J    

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