Saturday, April 9, 2011

Spring cleaning

I love spring.  I love the smells, the flowers and most of all being able to spend a lot more time outside.  This might sound crazy but I also love the spring cleaning.  I love going through the entire house and purging and just giving everything a good organization and cleaning.  For the last week we have been working on the indoor cleaning but today it was finally warm enough for the family to head outside.  We raked the front yard, organized the garage and brought all the summer stuff down from the storage and swept up all the sand.  We did it as a family and actually had a great time.  The boys were very interested in helping this year so of course we let them.

They helped for a little bit but were so excited to have their bikes out again they couldn't focus.  So off they went!

I forgot just how much the boys love it outside.  We went for a nice long walk (them on their bikes) tonight, and they were as happy as could be.  When I tucked them in tonight Mathew said "I sure hope it doesn't snow tomorrow so we can play on our bikes again".  Me too sweetie me too!

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