Sunday, April 24, 2011

We were ready for the bunny!

I know I have said this a thousand times but man are holidays ever fun with the kids at this age!  The holidays still hold all the magic associated with them and there is just so much excitement in our house as we prepare for them. 

The boys did countless easter crafts this year and enjoyed every single one of them!  They brought home bags and bags of projects from daycare and begged to do more every night.

This was the first year that I actually let them do the dipping for our eggs.  Every other year they watched but this year was the first year they actually asked to do it.  So we brought out our trusty craft tablecloth and kept our pj's on (just in case we had an accident with the dye ).

I couldn't believe it they were pro's!  They sat patiently and very carefully put the eggs in the dye.

We just couldn't get enough!  If we would have had another three dozen eggs I'm sure they could have convinced me to dye them too :)

We made an easter tree this year!  It was a project that my friend and I actually started a few weeks ago.  We would get together for an hour or so and prepare a couple of eggs together.  I will say that embossing the eggs was taking absolutely forever and we kept messing up.  We didn't care though because the time was spent full of laughter and mommy non kid fun hahaha! 

 After the boys and I had dyed a thousand eggs we decided that we better just add some "jewels" (as they call it) because that embossing process was taking way too long!

Here is one of the ones that we had embossed.  They turned out good once we got the hang of it!

Jason and Zachary were in charge of picking the perfect branches for our easter tree while Mathew and I got the eggs ready on the strings.  It was nice for it to be a project we were all part of!

                                                                                     With some of the remaining eggs we made little craft animals.  All you had to do was stick the cardboard pieces to the eggs so it was the perfect difficulty for little hands.  The only casualty that we had during the entire egg experience was making one of these.  Mental note for next year:  Mommy needs to hold  the egg because even three years olds have too much force and can break an egg in their hands when they are trying hard to get a sticker to stick :)

The house just seemed so relaxing and happy once all our decorations were up.  Every single one was prepared by us this year!
We have decorated eggs everywhere :)

As we waited for the easter bunny we might as well enjoy some great, relaxing adult time :)

As we enjoyed a little glass of wine, the boys cuddled up with their stuffed bunnies as they dreamed of the fun on easter morning!

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