Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Magic Dinosaurs

The nice weather last week was just a teaser I guess.  We were just getting used to being outside more and the cold returned which means having to find more activities to do indoors.  We have a special stash of activities/crafts that the kids don’t know about that we can pull out on rainy days or when we have extra time. 
About a week ago Jason decided to get out a new activity and wow this one sure was a hit.  Not sure where we got these little dinosaurs actually but they turned out to be so much fun. 

They start out being about 2 inches big and you have to place them in a covered container of water and they grow. 

It's not like the normal things that grow in the glass in a few minutes....these dinosaurs take about 3 days to get to their full size, which the package claims is 600 times the original size. 

 I loved how the boys ran to the container every morning to check on their dinosaurs.  It was so fun, we looked up their dinosaurs in dinosaur books and researched facts about them. 


Overall it was quick set up and little effort and the kids really enjoyed it.  Best part, you remove from water and they shrink back to their old size after a few days.....and will grow again :)

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