Thursday, January 30, 2014

Tooth Fairy Visit

Well Zachary lost a tooth two days ago.  The boys were crazy excited....we got the tooth fairy pillow out, put the tooth in and the boys were all excited for her visit.  The boys were excited because they were hoping Zachary would get $5 like Mathew does every time he looses a tooth.  About an hour after the boys were in bed I swear I heard the tooth fairy....she decided to get the money ready.....and realized she had a predicament on her hands.  When she checked her wallet she had two one dollar bills and 2 twenty dollar bills.  Oh should we go with your tooth was not as in as good of condition so you only get 2 dollars hahaha or .......$20.....What!!  The tooth fairy quickly realized that there are three boys in the house and if she ups her money to twenty dollars a tooth we will be paying out TONNES of money in the next few years.....what to do....what to do......  she quickly looked in every pocket in the house known to man....and phewff found a five dollar bill!!  Phewff saved!  Much harder if she is alone in the house and can't just run to starbucks to break a twenty.  Mrs tooth fairy will not be caught in that predicament again and has extra five dollar bills now hidden in a drawer. 

So the boys were crazy excited to find the money and have been drawing plans to try and trap her for her next visit!

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