Saturday, January 18, 2014


So I was driving the twins to their hockey tournament today and it was about 30 minutes away so we were chit chatting in the car.  They asked me a question and I said ...hmm I don't know the answer to that we will have to look it up when we get home....and then Zachary replied....yeah we will just google it.  It was quiet for a second and then Mathew asked "So mom  what did people do when they wanted to look something up before the internet?".  I explained we had books etc.  His reply "wow that seems crazy".  I then said well we didn't even have computers when I was born....his reply "oh yeah I think your books were wrote on rocks and trees like the cavemen did".....yikes I'm old but not that old sweetie! 

Two minutes later we passed a car dealership and the boys wanted to know what the numbers were on the windshields.  I explained that the numbers is the year that the car was 2014....2013 etc.  Zachary then asked me what year I was born.  I started 19....he interrupted and said wait....when you were born it didn't even start with a 2.  My reply...umm no....Mathew then adds in....well not everyone was born with a 2 at the beginning Jesus he was born before the 2000's.  Oh geesh so to them Jesus and I were born at the same time??  All I could do was laugh....especially since the next sentence out of their mouth dad is even older!

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