Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Kid Friendly Coffee dates

Jason has been gone on course for quite some time now so Joshua is quite used to joining me for coffee/lunch dates with friends.  He usually just hangs out with us adults and doesn't complain much at all.  Today, a friend and I decided to try something different.  In anchorage, a new coffee shop opened not long ago that is specifically kid friendly.  There is an entire section set up with toys and little tables where kids can play within sight as moms (or dads or both) enjoy their coffee.  There is a little TV set up as well that had kids movies playing.  It's a genius idea for parents!  Today I enjoyed the conversation, enjoyed the food and enjoyed that Joshua and his little friend got to explore around.  The owner was super friendly and it has a nice atmosphere where I would feel comfortable just even dropping in by myself with my kids.

As a side note....we went out as a family shopping for Joshua's birthday presents a few weeks ago.  Jason and I had been debating about buying another "busy block".   It's a wooden activity block.  We gave one to the twins for their first birthday and they loved it.  During one of our moves, the movers put something too heavy on top of it and the wood cracked.  So before we moved here we got rid of it.  When we were shopping we decided against it and bought Joshua other things instead.....and when we get to the coffee shop what does he want to play with.....the busy block!!   arrgghhh!!

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