Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Taking a minute to enjoy the view

Earlier this week two friends and I decided to try and take our babes out for a snowshoe (twins were at school).  We were kinda testing the waters to see how we would do and if we could actually do it.  We were not the quickest....did not go incredibly far but we had a great time!  It is more of a workout then you think carrying 1 year old's on snowshoes hahaha!  We were a little more out of breath then we thought on the way up the hill but that could also be attributed to

a) going up a hill
b) carrying babies on our backs
c) lot's of great girl chit chat

We took a short break at a rest/picture spot......sometimes I just need to remind myself to take it all in!  This gorgeous view is maybe a 5-10 minute drive from my house. 

Oh and I'll add because everyone always asks.....Joshua doesn't seem to mind snowshoeing either hahaha he fell asleep 1/3 of the way and just slept through the ride hahaha!

I would say that our family is a pretty close family and we like to spend family time together.  I will start by saying that I don't mind doing the occasional gym workout but I would much rather be outside doing an exercise activity with my family if possible.  When the twins were babies we used to jog with them in the jogging stroller.  When they were toddlers a friend and I would walk many kilometers a day with all the kiddos in the strollers.  Jason and I enjoy going for family bike rides and I would much rather try to be part of the kids sports activities then sitting on the sidelines.  I am always interested in ways that others incorporate their kids/families into their exercise regime.  I love hearing how other people do activities with their families and it gives me ideas to try out! 

It was actually a friend who recommended taking the family out together for snowshoeing....and it's an activity I can say that we have come to love doing!

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