Friday, January 31, 2014

Student of the Month

Today I had the pleasure of attending the monthly school assembly at the boys school.  My sweet little Mathew won student of the month!  Congrats to him for trying as hard as he does and I'm glad that all his effort was recognized.  I also realized during the presentation just how shy he becomes when he stands up in front of the entire school.  His friends were giving him secret thumbs up and he was standing up there as shy and as proud as can be....even though I realized he was at least one head shorter then all the other kids in the same category hahaha.  It also melted my heart during the assembly when I saw Zachary cheering him on when he got the award.....he was proud to see his brother win!  On the way home we checked out his ribbon and his gift card for the restaurant and we will go out as a family to celebrate when Jason is home for a week!  I am one proud mama....not only for Mathew's award but for the way he offered to share it with Zachary and for Zachary supporting him.

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