Saturday, January 25, 2014

Library Bags

I try to share really neat things I discover so that others can enjoy as well!  I'm sure many of you already know about these but I just discovered them a few weeks ago at our library.  Our public library has something called "lapsit" bags.  There is a list of about 100 different topics you might be interested in for children.  You choose one online and it is delivered to our local library where you can borrow it for a few weeks.  It's genius.  I have been researching different topics for years and buying/borrowing books from the library with certain topics as a core.  This bag comes already all together for you.  The first specific topic we chose was dragons.  In the bag there was a puppet.....8 books that all had dragons as the core topic....a music cd and some extra activities. 

My boys LOVED it!  We quickly ready through the books and it inspired them to look up more online that we can borrow next time.  We used our own puppets to incorporate the dragon into a play and then we went on pinterest and looked up some dragon crafts to do.  My favorite dragon craft we did was a simple one where you get to pretend to be a fire breathing dragon after. 

I didn't even know the library had such a thing!  I know that me and my boys are hooked and I foresee us borrowing many many more of the bags.  Just wanted to pass on the info in case your local libraries have them as well :)

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