Sunday, January 12, 2014


Well I guess since Mathew has spent the last few years OBSSESSED with trains and cars I guess a natural progression is planes.  For the last few months Mathew has been interested in planes and often asks Jason the different names, types etc.  He received the planes movie for christmas from grandma and now he can't stop talking about planes!  We were at Sam's club this weekend and he found a book on jets and the little guy couldn't stop staring at it!  The two boys stood there talking about the jets in the book for a good 10 minutes while I browsed the other books.  We ended up buying the jet book and Mathew has looked at all the pages numerous times.  Last night on facetime he talked to Jason about all the different planes in the book and it's a highlight for him for someone to read him the facts.  This morning he and Zach were playing so quietly in the living room for a good hour.  Zach was building a robot out of a box and Mathew built about 15 different paper airplanes.  He uses the planes in the books as guides and builds paper airplanes and then tell me facts about them.  Who knew you could even make a plane like that with white computer paper and kids white glue hahaha

Tonight when I tucked him in I found him like this.......dream of your planes wee man!

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