Friday, March 31, 2017

Q-Tip Painting

Let me start off by saying why have we not done this more often?  We had only used Q-Tips to paint when we were exploring textures to paint with.  That is until last week, when we sat down and used Q-Tips for a painting activity.  I went online and found Q-Tip painting sheets.  Basically they are pictures with little dots in them that are the size of the tip of a Q-tip.  The pictures we printed off had two different levels.  The ones I printed for the girls were an egg that had white dots to be painted in the designs and the one for Joshua also had the background that needed to be filled in as well.  I went through with each of them what colours they needed to complete their pictures and then honestly showed them once how to match the paint colour to the dots to be filled  and they went to town.  They sat for over 45 minutes quietly and patiently trying to dab the right colour of paint with the end of their Q-Tips onto the paper.  It was crazy how patiently and diligently they worked.  There was absolutely no paint on anything. Not one finger, not the table nothing!  I think we will be printing off more of these sheets in the near future :)

Now that's a look of concentration...even Joshie was silent concentrating for this one!

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