Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Back at it

Gosh I have gotten away from blogging for way too long.  For the last few months it has just been easier and quicker to put pictures on Facebook then to actually blog about them.  I do enjoy doing that and it gives friends and family that are far away a chance to see what is going on in our lives but it doesn't give it the context that the blog provides.  So I will try. I will try and sit down and document the little things because honestly the kids are growing so quickly it's nice to have a record to be able to look back on.

We have started going to a preschool coop.  Basically you attend with your child (children) and there are some amazing ladies who have volunteered their time to set up weekly activities for the kids to do.  Honestly it has been amazing!  My kids absolutely love it and I find it kind of like a day where I don't have to be in charge of coming up with a million learning activities and crafts.  It also allows us to try things that I wouldn't have thought of myself.  Last week we learned about presidents.  A little fact that many people don't know about our family.  We do have 5 children but only 1 was actually born in Canada.  The first set of twins were born in the Netherlands when we lived in Germany and the girls are actually Americans (and Canadians).  We embrace what each of these countries have shown us and I love when my kids participate in an activity that is outside of my teaching.  So last week the kids made American flags, organized American coins etc.  They learned the preschool level of how the voting system works and just had fun.



I still giggle when I see this picture.  Little Joshua will start school in September in Canada.  I wonder what his teachers will think when he says "W.....W is for Washington".  My little world travelers :)

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