Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The Sound Game

The littlest three and I have been reading books and working on different senses for the past few weeks.  When the boys were off last week, I decided to try a super simple little activity that was very appropriate with Easter coming up.

Basically I just chose little things that were around the house that made sounds when they move.  I chose Easter eggs that were all the same color to make it trickier so the kids didn't remember the colours with the different sounds.  I put the same amount of each item into two different eggs.

Once all the eggs were closed, the kids sat down together and took turns shaking the different eggs to listen to the different sounds.  They then matched them up in pairs that they thought were the same.  Once they thought they were right, they gave them to me and I opened them up and we checked to see if they were correct.

A fun little add on for the older kids (and Jason) was that I got them to guess what they thought was in each set of eggs before I opened them up.

The kids often go ask for the tray that I store this activity on and sit at the table by themselves and listen to the sounds.  It was really neat to see the different strategies each of them used to find the matches.  Some would shake one egg and go through all the other eggs shaking at the same time to find it's match. Others would shake one beside each ear trying to find the same sound on both sides.

So easy, lots of fun and this can easily be switched up with new items.

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