Monday, March 27, 2017

Learning About Flowers

I like to introduce the kids to many different activities so that we can discover what things they are really interested in or what they have a knack for.  Last week the three smallest and I started our little unit on flowers.  We made flower pictures by glueing different parts of the flower to card stock.  We then went on to read a few of our books about flowers/gardening.  After finishing our reading, we glued the things on that a flower needs to grow ie. soil, water, air, sun.

On Joshua's picture we then placed labels on all the stuff we talked about.

They were very interested in labeling the names of the different parts of the flower so we extended that a bit and took turns naming the parts on our real flowers.

We finished up the little lesson by matching different flowers to their names.  Matching with 'Toob' toys is one of my favorite activities.  Basically each Toob comes with little figurines that all have to do with one topic - backyard birds, dogs, flowers etc.  I then go online and find pictures of these same items or sometimes find someone else who has already done it.  I just print them off and laminate them and all the kids can be found matching the items to the cards.

After we finish a little unit like this I can assess whether the kids showed a lot of interest or not.  Sometimes they have tons of questions and we do more activities surrounding the topic and other times what we did is enough for now and we continue to another unit.

Honestly, I love sharing this type of things with others so that if you are home with little ones too, you can just replicate what we have done and you don't have to do all the research to come up with different activities on your own.  This is always why I love when friends share with me what is happening in their activities as well :)

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