Saturday, March 11, 2017

A new lens

I am currently reading Ann Voskamps book.  Finishing up the first chapter she has a quote "Brokeness Can Make Abundance".  I am sure there are a million interpretations for this but for my life this speaks to me in terms of being able to embrace what life has thrown us.  Being a military family we are forced to be uprooted every so often and restart family life in a new city, country or even continent.  This can be trying at times and trust me there are a lot of difficulties and planning involved behind the scenes when moving a family.  There are a lot of stressful times and sometimes you feel that you are being tested.  Jason and I were just relaxing tonight and we got talking about all the potential postings that are out there.  Some are good, some not so good and some ughhh you don't ever want to go there, but honestly I think there is something to be said for looking for the positive.  Maybe we need to look at it through the perspective of a new adventure for our family to embark on and an entire new location for our family to explore.  Living in Alaska has allowed us to explore nature, mountains, the ocean etc and I am sure that if we look deep enough, each of our following moves will also provide us with new great memories and life experiences.  Wouldn't it be great to be able to explore more of the world with our children and allow them to not only hear about, but live and experience so many great things that the world has to offer us?  Ann's quote makes me think that moving is challenging, moving is difficult, moving is heart breaking when you leave friends and family but maybe, just maybe, through this 'brokeness' we are able to make new friends, reunite with family and experience the great things that each location has to offer and embrace the abundance of life/family memories.  Sometimes we are not in control of the ride, sometimes we fall off the ride, sometimes the ride is downright horrible but perhaps we need to realize that we are not always in control and the bigger powers have a greater plan for all of us.

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