Sunday, April 2, 2017

Quick Activities

I love gathering materials or making new learning activities.  I love doing different units to go over with the kids but sometimes it's nice for just a quick activity.  I have found that the seasonal section of Walmart has a lot of items for one or two dollars that can be manipulated to make great crafts/learning activities.  I now buy ahead about 5 or 10 of these activities and keep them out on our buffet for quick access when I don't have a larger activity planned.  This week I made a colour matching activity by simply making oval coloured shapes that were the same colour as a package bunnies I purchased that were 4 different colours.  I laminated the oval shapes so the activity could be used over and over. It is so cute watching the little ones hop their bunnies to the matching colour of an egg.  They even created their own little spins on colour matching.  Joshie will toss the rabbits and try and get them to land on the right egg.  So I always keep an eye out for seasonal themed trinkets that we can turn into a little educational fun.

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