Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Egg Colour Sorting

Building on yesterday's post about quick activities, I thought I would also show another colour activity that is Easter related that the kids have been working on.  I took an empty egg carton and put halves of the Easter eggs in it.  I chose to use three of each colour ensuring that there would be a good mix .  I then took a coloured hair scrunchy for each egg and placed them in the tray in front of the egg carton.  The kids then used the tongs they have from their pie activity to match the colours.  This also helps with their muscle development in their hands that will later help with other motor skills such as writing.  The girls were able to squeeze the tongs 4 or 5 times and then you could see their hands started to get tired so they used their other hand to help get the scrunchies on.  This activity was a little too easy for Joshua so when he does it he only uses one hand so that it is all about just practicing hand eye coordination.  We just kept all the activity in a wooden tray on our fireplace for easy access and to keep all the pieces together.

So simple and they have done it quite a few times.

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