Sunday, April 9, 2017


Last week we started a little more in-depth study of bugs and insects and with the weather warming up, we are able to find more bugs to examine during our outdoor adventures.  I also pulled out more of our story books with insects as the main character.  We used our felt very hungry caterpillar set that I had made before.

We changed one of the sides of the sensory table into an insect theme as well.  I took a picture of all the bugs from the Toob then printed them off and laminated them.  We put it on one side of the sensory table for their 'bug hunt'.

Zachary had got a microscope for Christmas that came with pre-made slides of insects but the coolest thing is the microscope tells you facts about the bug as you look at it.

A squirrel was eating out of our bird feeder this week so Josh moved his little table up to the patio door to watch.  All of a sudden he let out a yell of delight that he could see a bug on the window.  He asked me what kind of bug it was and I said I wasn't sure so he ran over and got his laminated sheet.  He examined it through the door for a little while longer then said...."hmm looks like a house fly but it has different wings.  I think we are going to have to get a book and look this one up Mama".  He then continued; "I bet Mathew has a book for just this".  When Mathew got home from school that was the first thing he asked and Mathew was more then happy to find his book for him and look up the different bugs.

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