Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Quick, Simple Craft

The boys enjoy doing crafts.  I love thinking crafts up, getting them ready and participating in them.....the only thing is sometimes, I just don’t have the time to prep it all.  This weekend we did a quick easy craft that the boys really enjoyed so I thought I would share.  I let them each choose one wooden thing from the dollar store.  They both chose a treasure chest that is just like Jakes from the Show Jake and the Neverland pirates (their favorite right now). 

This craft was really so quick and simple for me!  I pulled out our craft tablecloth and their craft aprons and that was almost all the prep that I needed.  Having a craft tablecloth is one of the only ways that we are able to do so many crafts.  It’s just a plastic tablecloth that is used only for crafts.  The secret is....I don’t scrub it or wash it in between craft activities.  This saves me sooo much time.  It used to take me forever to get everything set up before we could even start the craft.  If there are brush strokes from the paint on the table cloth I just let it dry with the craft and put it away.  If there happens to be a big spill I clean it of course but by having it on hand I find that I say yes to a lot more crafts then I would have before. 

The aprons are the same type of idea.  I made them for the boys well over a year ago now.   I made them extra big at the time so they could just grow into them.  I just pull them out and put them over their clothes every time we do crafts.  Now I have minimal (if any) table clean up and minimal (if any) clothes clean up....and that means Mommy says yes to way more crafts!! 

The boys decided that they wanted to paint each side of their treasure chests a different color.  They chose their colors and which side got painted which color.  Really all I did was talk to them while they painted....I cleaned the dishes actually!  I decided to incorporate a little reading into the craft by writing the names of each of the colour on each side.  The boys are continually asking me how to spell things so they particularly loved this part.  The treasure chests dried and the boys now use them to store their coveted bey blades.

Quick, simple and they enjoyed it!

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